About Us

Who We Are
PharmaFinders is a specialized medical affairs recruiting firm for the pharmaceutical and biotech industry with over 10 years of recruiting and career counseling experience.

What We Do
Find your dream job or dream candidate. PharmaFinders takes an inclusive, people-first approach to recruit. Genuine, transparent communication is at the core of all we do. Building individual relationships with each client and candidate helps us connect talent with talent-seekers, including:

- Medical Science Liaisons (MSLs)
- Executive Level Medical Affairs Roles
- HEOR and Managed Care Liaisons
- In-House Medical Affairs Roles
- Regional and National Field Directors
- Other Medical Affairs Roles

Our Results Do the Talking
There’s no risk involved in using our services. Our placement experts will work with you to find an ideal fit based on your background, your trajectory, and your goals. We pre-screen
and talk with each candidate and client before submitting on a job to ensure a solid match – every time.


Team Members

Crecia Profile Pic

Crecia Magee

President/Principal Talent Executive

Heather Barlow Headshot

Heather Barlow

Vice President, Principal Talent Executive


Ashley Gulledge

Vice President, Principal Talent Executive