Pre-Conference Workshop Day

WORKSHOP A: What Does It Take For Effective Medical Affairs Management In The Rare Diseases Gene Therapy Space?

By nature of disease prevalence, the rare disease space presents its own group of unique challenges and opportunities regarding the development of an effective medical affairs strategy.

As such this workshop will focus on exploring and analyzing what challenges are unique to the rare disease space for rare disease professionals. Furthermore, this workshop will draw on the expertize of medical affairs professionals to discuss how your medical affairs strategy can be adapted to suit the needs of the space and ensure that your strategy is an appropriate and effective one.

Attend this workshop to:

  • Discuss the best methods, timelines, and content requirements for rare disease publications
  • Highlight crucial differences between publishing for rare diseases
  • Discuss why encouraging that rare disease clinical trial results are shared with the patient community should be a priority
  • Understanding how rare disease clinical trials are disrupting the traditional clinical trial timeline, and how medical affairs can adapt to this
  • Help to navigate the regulatory and reimbursement landscape
  • Establish effective relationships with primary care physicians
Workshop Leaders: Tom Pulles, Ultragenyx

WORKSHOP B: What Does It Take To Build An Effective Medical Affairs Team In The Gene Therapy Field?

Due to the nature of a unique product operating in often unique disease areas (rare disease), what it takes to become an effective medical affairs professional or build an effective medical affairs team within gene therapy is typically unique compared to other areas.

The workshop will focus on how Medical Affairs & Medical Science Liaison professionals and managers must begin to think differently when it comes to recruiting, training, and maintaining effective medical affairs professionals in the gene therapy field. Hear from those with the greatest experience in building, managing, and leading medical affairs teams of all sizes from both biotech and pharma and to understand what is unique to the gene therapy field and why this matters for developing you medical affairs skills or your medical affairs team.

Attend this workshop to:

  • Identify forces impacting today’s medical affairs professionals in the gene therapy field and put into practice strategies you need to adopt to be successful in hiring or seeking Medical Science Liaison opportunities
  • Implement strategies to employ effective engagement and develop medical affairs talent
  • Develop strategies to demonstrate even greater leadership and medical impact in the gene therapy field whether you are a manager of medical affairs professionals or an individual contributor
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